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Employment with RHA Howell, Inc.

What we are looking for:

RHA Howell is looking for employees that can:

  • Provide high quality, cost effective services
  • Be honest, trustworthy and reliable in all relationships
  • Treat others fairly 
  • Be a good citizen in the communities where RHA provides services
  • Pursue fiscal responsibility for growth

For those seeking employment with RHA Howell, Inc.:

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RHA Howell Summary of Employment Benefits:

Comprehensive Staff Training

RHA Howell is proud to have some of the best trained employees in the helping industry. We place a premium on the importance of staff training  because we know that the only way the people we support will reach their goals is if our staff are appropriately trained. If you are changing careers or just starting yours, RHA Howell is a great school for people who want to learn how to be the best at helping others.

Paid Days Off (PDO’s)

Full-time employees earn PDO hours. These are used to cover holidays, vacation, personal time, and time off for short-term illness of employee or family members. Time is earned in hour increments each payroll period and is based on years of service.

Medical, Accident and Life Insurance

Medical insurance is available to RHA Howell employees which includes: chiropractic services and mental health and substance abuse services; a prescription drug card; a mail-order drug program; vision care; prenatal care, employee and dependant accidental death & dismemberment insurance; and dental benefits, including preventative and basic services, major services and orthodontics.

RHA Howell, Inc. also offers employees additional term life insurance for themselves, their spouse and any unmarried dependent children at low group rates. RHA Howell employees also have access to a voluntary short term disability plan that allows them to purchase coverage to protect their income in the event they cannot work due to an accident or sickness.

Employee Wellness Program

RHA Howell tries to offer our employees a very competitive benefits program.  Part of our health insurance benefits covers a “Wellness Program”, which is a program that offers medical services to help our employees achieve or maintain a healthy physical condition. We support pro-active treatment and encourage our employees and their covered family members to participate in these services. Some of the services that are covered under the wellness plan include:

  • Annual mammograms
  • Annual pap smears
  • Prostrate exams
  • Routine Physical exams
  • Well child care
  • Flu injections
  • Stop Smoking services and supplies
  • Weight Loss services

This is only a brief summary of RHA Howell’s benefits and is provided to give the potential employee an overview of the benefits they may be eligible for or may elect from. Every employee will have the opportunity to explore their benefits in detail at the time of a job offer. Each plan has its specific limitations, co-pays and the like and since these can change from time to time they are not included here.

RHA Howell, Inc.  is an Equal Opportunity Employer

RHA Howell provides equal opportunity in employment to all employees and applicants for employment. No person will be discriminated against in employment because of race, religion, color, sex (including sexual orientation), age national origin, disability, military status, pregnancy or other status or condition protected by applicable state or federal laws, except where a bona fide occupational qualification applies.

Drug-Free Working Environment

RHA Howell prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, selling, purchasing, or use of drugs, or alcohol while on duty, on-call, operating a motor vehicle or equipment owned or leased by the Company or on any Company-owned or managed property.

Rewards and Recognition Programs

RHA Howell provides several programs to reward and recognize employee’s performance and service. Employees are rewarded for outstanding performance, perfect attendance, and for loyal service with the company. We have Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year programs to recognize outstanding performers.

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